How safe would your Will be at home? You have a lot invested in your Will, not just the cost of having it professionally written, but also the fact that you have made an effort to ensure your estate is not distributed under the intestacy rules.

We provide a safe and secure vault for a small annual fee through ‘The National Will Archive’ (Society of Will Writers).  This purpose built storage unit will give you the peace of mind, knowing that your important documents will be free from the risks of: Fire, burglary, flood, falling into the wrong hands, destroyed accidentally, destroyed maliciously, going missing when moving home, etc.

StorageOur storage service also provides you with:

  • A certificate of storage with clear retrieval instructions and retrieval cards for your executors
  • Certified copies of all your documents stored
  • Copies are also kept on our encrypted filing systems
  • Your Will is registered with the National Will Archive
  • Our review service



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