Probate is the legal process that is required when a person has died. This involves dealing with the deceased’s estate such as, property, personal possessions, finances, taxes, collecting any monies owed, paying unpaid bills and any debts. A Grant of Probate issued by the Probate Registry (a part of the High Court) is required before being able to deal with the estate.

The deceased’s estate will be frozen until probate is granted, including bank accounts, investments etc. The Probate process also legally validates the Will.

Probate may not be required where estates are worth less than £5,000, however financial institutions do differ and it would rely upon their discretion.

If you think that the administration of your estate could end up being complicated, then your executors can always appoint a professional to help with some or all of the probate process. Stephen James Drury and Associates can help your executors to do this, and you can also appoint us as your executors or reserve executors if you wish.


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