Funeral expenses are one of the first debts upon your estate, but settling your estate may take some time, and the funeral director will expect to be paid long before Probate is granted and your executors or your family will be expected to pay.

The problem: Due to inflation and the continuing rising costs of funerals, putting money aside in a Bank or a Building Society for your funeral does not guarantee that it will be enough when the time comes, especially with today’s low bank interest rates.

The solution: A Prepaid Guaranteed Funeral Plan means that your family will have none of the financial worries that funeral arrangements often bring, they will that the funeral director’s services have been paid for in advance.

Funeral PlansFuneral Plans arranged by Stephen James Drury & Associates are safe.

Our Funeral Plans are underwritten by Funeral Planning Services Limited a ‘specialist provider’, all plans are regulated by The Funeral Planning Authority, and all funds are deposited into The Funeral Planning Trust. The Independent Funeral Planning Trusts accounts 2015 show the Funeral Planning Fund at £158.7 million pounds.


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