My House Is In OrderMy House Is In Order

The book was created by Stephen James Drury and is designed to help you put your affairs in order and guide your executors and attorneys in their future duties.

The book may be purchased through Amazon, The Great British Book Shop and Waterstones.

Publishers: Upfront PublishingFastPrint


5.0 out of 5 stars Everyone should have one, 12 Mar 2014

By Alices daughter (Lincolnshire, England)

This book allows you to easily set out all your information so that there are no problems in the event of you being taken ill, getting dementia or dying. Everything you could possibly think of (and some you would never have thought of!) is included, just fill in the sections once and it is done. Should anything alter you can add to it so it is even future proof.

If you live alone it is a godsend as you can make sure all your choices and information are kept together safely.

In a lot of cases the husband takes care of all the finances and if he suddenly passes away, his wife is left trying to deal with the heartbreak of loss and is unable to find the information she needs it puts such an extra strain on her - this book solves that problem as it can be kept in a safe place or lodged with a solicitor or Mr. Drury himself and everything is to hand.

For those of us with loved ones suffering with dementia or those caring for the mentally disabled it is a constant worry of what will happen if I die or am unable to care anymore. I bought the book and completed it on behalf of my elderly mother, getting her input on a good day, so I now have peace of mind and have just ordered a second for myself and my husband so that we can complete it and know that our house is in order as well! Really highly recommended.


From Noreen

Having to come to terms and deal with the loss of someone close to you is very stressful, especially if you have to deal with it alone, but Stephen James Drury has tried to make this task as easy and straightforward as possible by publishing this book. His book is very compact and very useful to refer to when in doubt; it is also helpful in providing information to whoever may need when dealing with the estate of a deceased. Stephen’s book has made a difficult and distressing time much easier to cope with.

His book would also be a very valuable aid to someone who has to care for their nearest and dearest if they lose their mental capacity, as the decision making has already been done for them.

From Noreen Lem (a very satisfied customer)


By N. E. Owen on 14 April 2014

Format: Paperback

Having firsthand experience from being a client of Stephen Drury’s I have now purchased the book and what a brilliant decision that was. What Stephen doesn’t know about these things, isn’t worth knowing. He is incredibly knowledgeable and an incredibly nice chap and this comes across in his easy to read book to help you through all the questions you have. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and before they actually need it too, so they can "get their house in order" before sad events take place.



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