Free BreakfastVery rare is anything in life free. Those things that are free often have no perceived value and where something is provided for free the cost is often absorbed somewhere else (meaning you still pay for it), or it is free because the provider has an ulterior motive.

Examples of where something is perceived to be free include:

  • The swimming pool is free to hotel guests; Realistically the costs of running the pool are factored into the price of the hotel’s rooms.
  • Claim your free gift with your first order. Free gifts are often reliant on return custom and costs of other products might be higher to compensate for the free gift.

When you consider the benefits attached to a free service as opposed to those that you paid for, you should consider the strengths and weaknesses of both arguments.

Why S J Drury & Associates will not, and cannot provide free services

If a Will is being offered for free, then there is almost certainly a cost to the provider and you’re likely to pay for this elsewhere through up-sells or add-ons.

When we as Will writers take your instructions, then this can easily take 2 hours in order for us to take contemporaneous notes, and to give you valuable guidance. Then there will then be a cost to the drafting of the documents that you require, there are also other costs that you as a client do not see such as:

  • the cost of the Will writer’s Professional Indemnity insurance,
  • the cost of the will writer’s fuel,
  • the costs of computer software,
  • the costs of stationery and postage,
  • the costs of Legal Compliance,
  • the costs of accountancy and HMRC requirements,
  • the costs of maintenance to Computer related equipment etc. etc.
  • When you take all these things into consideration then the cost that we charge you for a Will is certainly very reasonable.

When you consider ‘free Will month’ run by charities, these campaigns are often funded by charities on the proviso that a charitable legacy will be left in the Will or in anticipation of a donation to the charity when the Will is made. These wills are also very box standard basic drafts and barely reach a page long!

Other companies offering ‘free wills’ will sneak themselves in as the executor so that they can charge whatever they like when it comes to the probate stage.

Remember, free is not always better and rarely do you ever get something for nothing of any value.

Stephen James Drury & Associates Limited’s charging structures are fair, reasonable and transparent, however, out first consultation with our clients is free and without obligation. So, a face to face meeting cannot damage your finances should you not wish to proceed.


For further information or assistance, please contact us via:

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