The price of a Will and the other important stuff that we do.

We, at Stephen James Drury & Associates firmly believe in treating everyone fairly and reasonably all of the time, and everyone is treated in the same way, as long as we are offered Tea & Biscuits!

We realise that COST is a very important issue, however, not everyone is the same, one person’s circumstances are usually very different to that of the next.

So, when we are asked over the telephone ‘how much is one of your Wills’? Then, we cannot really say until we have completed our detailed ‘Instruction Taking Process’. This is not because we are trying to be difficult with you and making your decision to finally get around to making a Will even more awkward than it need be, but very often after we have taken your instructions, we tend to find that your wishes are not quite as simple as maybe you first thought!

Or, there will be stuff that you hadn’t thought about, but that is our job isn’t it? You pay us, not just to draft your documents but to give you damn good advice as well.

So, our prices will vary upon the instructions that you give us. We therefore recommend a ‘no obligation meeting’ to discuss your personal requirements, then we can give you an accurate costing of the work involved.

The good news is, there is no charge for this initial appointment, and you are not obliged to use our services. Your initial appointment is at our expense, could we be any fairer than that?


For further information or assistance, please contact us via:

  Telephone: (01529) 306005 or
  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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