One of the best things that you could ever do for your loved ones is to write a will. The result of dying without a will is called dying intestate, this means that your family and loved ones have to rely and wait on the Government’s Rules of Intestacy before your estate can be unlocked and inherited. The intestacy rules usually result in a host of problems, including family arguments and hardships at the worse time possible.

The making of a will is quite straightforward and it doesn’t cost the earth, of course there are always cheaper options, such as Online wills and DIY wills, but unless you understand the requirements that make a will valid then these options should be avoided.

If you have children under the age of 18 and have not appointed a guardian in a will then, upon the death of the parents the children become the responsibility of the courts. The decision made by the court as regards your children’s welfare is not likely to have been your preference.

If you have sentimental items that you wish to leave as legacies to the special people in your life, (for example, collections, medals, items of jewelry), then you can be sure that your chosen ones will receive them by having these wishes drafted into a will.

Your residual estate (what remains of your estate after legacies and debts). Just like legacies, the people that you wish to receive this part of your estate need to be specified.

Having a will professionally drafted will also mean that you will receive professional advice, helping you to plan ahead and avoid paying any unnecessary taxes where legally possible, and ensuring that you do not die intestate.

Once your will has been correctly signed and witnessed, where should it be kept? If the will cannot be found after your death, then it is deemed not to exist. We advise all of our clients to have it stored in our purpose-built storage facility. This will protect it from fire, flood, theft, loss, accidental damage and damage caused by malicious or jealous acts.

We provide you and your executors with a certificate of storage which also explains the procedure for retrieval of your original will and other important documents that you may not wish to keep at home. Your Will is also registered with Certainty, so that if anything happens to us as a company then your valuable document is still safe and can be located through Certainty.

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