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So, what is a Disabled Discretionary Trust?

It is a legal arrangement whereby assets (money, investments, property and similar things) are managed by trustees for the benefit of others such as people with physical disabilities and learning disabilities.

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Estate administration is the process of dealing with a person’s legal, financial and personal tax affairs after they have died. It involves far more than obtaining a Grant of Probate (Confirmation in Scotland) which is just one element of the process.

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The price of a Will and the other important stuff that we do.

We, at Stephen James Drury & Associates firmly believe in treating everyone fairly and reasonably all of the time, and everyone is treated in the same way, as long as we are offered Tea & Biscuits!

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When deciding to have your will drafted it’s important that you get your wishes down for who should be appointed as executors, trustees or guardians and how your estate should be distributed in a binding fashion.

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As I have to continually research the changing legislation in my profession to enable me to find the suitable and up to date material for staff training purposes and their Continuing Professional Development, I came across this little but very thought-provoking story during my research.

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